Seeking a More Ideal Employment Situation

Do you have a job, but you’re not making as much as you’d like? Are you a highly skilled worker, stuck in a low skill job? Are you working part time but would prefer a full-time job? The following tips will assist in your effort to transition into a new career.

Sharpen You Current Skill Set

Don't wait until you start a new job to use your hard-earned skills. Look for way outside of your regular job to practice your skills, including volunteer opportunities. This commitment to maintaining your current skill set will pay off when you find a job related to your interests.

Take Initiative in Your Current Role

Explore opportunities in your current job to take on more responsibilities. Ask your boss for assignments that go beyond your job description. These activities will showcase your abilities and may lead to career advancement.

Train to Learn New Skills

The job market is constantly changing, requiring new and updated skills from the workforce. Consider enrolling in a local community college continuing education program to add to your existing skill set. Workforce Solutions staff members can determine if you are eligible to receive financial assistance to cover some of the training expenses.