Assistance Eligibility

Are You Eligible for Assistance?

The Child Care Assistance Program exists to help low income families who are working or attending training/education programs. The funds used to pay for child care assistance are federal funds which require us to collect information on all aspects of your household income, the members in your household and all work or training activities for each adult living in the home. Below you will be asked several questions that will allow you to determine if you may be eligible. If you are potentially eligible for child care, you can complete the online application to apply for child care assistance.

If you have any questions about the process to apply for child care or need help completing application forms, please contact us via email or call us at 903-794-8999.

Do you live in the Northeast Texas Region (Bowie, Cass, Franklin, Delta, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River, or Titus county)?