CCS Phone Directory Assistance

Call In Voice Menu

When you first call in, you have the option to just leave a message and have us call you within one (1) business day. Press one (1) for that option.

Child Care Recipients

If you are needing help with your child care assistance and want to speak to one of our operatives, press two (2).

Pressing two (2) brings up a new voice menu with the following options:

If you want to leave a message and have your call returned within one business day:

Press 1

If you are calling to request an application or check on your application (request an application or check on paperwork sent in for your application):

Press 2

If you are calling to report an address or phone number change (your call will go to voicemail, please leave information on voicemail):

Press 3

If you need to report a change (change in anything other than address or phone number):

Press 4

If you need to check on the status of your case (complition of your recertification, placement or update):

Press 5

If you are calling for help with your CCAA card (using your swipe card) :

Press 6

If you are returning a call:

Press 7

If you need to transfer child care facilities (usually cannot start at a new facility until the first of the next month):

Press 8

If you are calling concerning a Recoupment:

Press 9