What do these assessments cost?
Testing fees are normally paid by Workforce Solutions, which means that tests are administered free to both job seekers and employers. If your company chooses to make use of these customized assessments in large quantity, then you may be asked to pay a portion of the fees. Contact your local office for bulk assessment pricing information.

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1. I'd like to post a job in WorkInTexas.com. How do I start?
2. Can I create job announcements on my own?
3. When I post a job, why does Workforce Solutions need to know who was hired and the hire date?
4. I have an immediate job opening, and I need some leads quickly. What is the fastest way to get job applicants?
5. Can Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas pre-screen all applicants for employers, to determine if the job candidates possess a desired skill?
6. What do these assessments cost?
7. Do you offer layoff assistance?
8. Who can I contact for Unemployment Insurance information?
9. Can you help me train employees?