Pay for Training

Payment Options

Now that you’ve decided what training you would like to take, it’s time to figure out how to pay for it. There are a number of resources available to you. For more information, please see the Financial Aid and Grants page.


Colleges and universities offer scholarships to students who meet certain criteria. To be considered for a scholarship, you will need to ask the school what scholarships are available, how to apply, and the deadline for applying. But, a lot of nonprofit organizations and businesses offer scholarships as well. A quick online search will bring up an overwhelming number of scholarships you can apply for.

The criteria for scholarships vary as well – you don’t have to have a perfect grade point average to qualify for a scholarship! And, there are scholarships available to transfer students. If you’re in high school, don’t forget to talk with your high school counselor. He / she has access to information on various scholarships available and is a good resource for information on those available through local donors.

Work Study

Some schools offer an opportunity to earn while you learn through the work study program. Through this program, you work part-time while in school, earning cash to help you pay for your education. Generally, you will work for the school, a public agency, a nonprofit organization, or a private for-profit organization. This is a great way to learn valuable workplace skills while earning your education.