Hiring Veterans

Benefits of Hiring Veterans
Employers recognize the value military service brings to the workplace. Veterans bring experience, skills and leadership abilities that strengthen the Texas workforce.

Why Hire a Veteran?
Leadership — veterans are trained to be leaders and managers.
Professionalism — veterans know the importance of integrity and respect, respect that gives your team a winning edge.
Responsibility — veterans know what it means to be accountable for valuable human and material resources.
Mission-Critical Skills — veterans undergo trade-related and technical training that often relates directly to civilian jobs.
Physical Conditioning — veterans know the value of being in top physical condition and drug free.
Can-Do Attitude — veterans carry and apply a positive attitude to get the job done.
Calm under Fire — veterans are steady, cool, and collected. Handling stress is all in a day’s work for veterans.
First-Class Image — veterans don't have to be reminded to get a haircut. Whether in uniform or a business suit, veterans know how to dress for success.
On Time, All the Time — veterans know that every second counts and will be there on time.
Global Perspective — veterans are tuned in to the forces and events that shape the global market.

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