Live Zoom/Virtual Workshops

Join Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas staff for Virtual Workshops, offered online through the Zoom platform.  These interactive workshops allow participants to ask or submit questions to the host throughout the presentation.  Zoom is an internet based video chat system. To register use the links below, call your local workforce center, or view upcoming events in All Zoom workshops will be noted as ZOOM for the location.  To download Zoom go to  Check this page for monthly updates.  

February 2024 Virtual Workshops

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2/13/2024 2:30 PM - Application Basics 

Review detailed applications and instructions.  Most commonly asked questions.  Job research and application follow-up. 

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2/15/2024 2:30 PM - Create a Resume that Stands Out

Create a resume that gets noticed by employers.  Highlight your skills and sell your abilities to potential employers.  Target your resume to desired positions. 

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2/20/2024 2:30 PM - Sharpen Your Interview Skills

Prepare for different types of interviews, including in-person and virtual.  Answer interview questions more effectively.  Set yourself up to make a great first impression. 

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2/22/2024 2:30 PM Financial Basics: Banking/Budgeting

Learn about how banks work, benefits of their use, how to write a check and balance a checkbook. Track daily spending habits and prepare a personal budget.  Identify ways to decrease spending.

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