Become a Child Care Provider

About Providers
The child care assistance program is a parent-choice program. Parents may select a regulated provider from any of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) licensed or registered facilities or an eligible relative provider.

There are several types of providers: regulated provider, Texas Rising Star, Texas School Ready!, and relative provider. Reimbursement rates are based upon a number of factors and are outlined in the provider handbooks.

To apply to be a regulated provider, complete the packet and fax it to (903) 794-8004.

To apply to be a relative provider, complete the DFPS Listing Packet. After the DFPS Certificate is received, complete the Relative Provider Application Packet and the fax certificate and packet to (903) 794-8004.

Providers are paid through the Child Care Automated Attendance (CCAA) system with payments made via direct deposit. Providers are required to review the information online at least every five days. For information call (903 794-8999.