Career Resources



  • Reality Check - Allows you to see how much you will need to earn to have the lifestyle you would like to live.
  • My Next Move - Helps you to identify and/or explore career options. Search job options by key words, industry or interests.
  • mySkillsmyFuture - Allows you to identify career options based on your previous jobs.
  • Texas Career Check - Explore career information, including average wages and projected annual openings.  Also, explore Community College and University information, including enrollment and tuition costs.
  • - This site offers tools and information for young adults age 16 to 24, and provides special resources for those experiencing barriers to success such as involvement in foster care, addiction, homelessness, teen parenting, or a lack of financial, family, or community resources.
  • Learn How to Become - This resource provides information on a number of career topics including: career exploration, post-secondary education, Veteran resources, job search, apprenticeships, interviewing advice, and career transitions. 
  • Learn How to Become - Careers Today  - This resource will help you explore some of the more common career options, what it will take to pursue them, how much they pay, how many job openings will there be in the near future, and more.
  • Accredited Schools Online - Students seeking professional training can choose from any number of vocational trade schools.  Explore program offerings from community colleges, career schools, and trade schools.