Keep a Job

Tips for Keeping Your Job

Punctuality is important in today’s workplace. Arrive on time, every day. Employers hire you to work specific hours. If you are not there on time, it can affect the work schedule for the rest of the employees. Check the personnel manual for procedures to report an absence. Ask your supervisor how he / she would like you to handle the situation. If you can’t go to work, call your boss – don’t text - and let him / her know why.

While On the Job

While at work, work. It’s easy to take a second to pull out your cell phone to text a friend or check social media. Unless you were hired to do specifically that, it’s best to save those things for your break or wait until after work. Nothing will drive your boss crazy like taking personal calls or texts while you are supposed to be working!

Dress appropriately. Carefully review the company’s dress code and follow it. Some employers require that piercings be limited to your ears and tattoos be covered. Your definition of business casual may be different than your boss’ definition. If you have a question as to whether certain attire is appropriate, make sure to ask your supervisor.

Follow the rules. Review the company’s policies, rules and procedures. If you have a question, ask your supervisor. The old saying “it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” could get you fired!

Get Ahead

Do your best! This should go without saying. It is easier to give only what is necessary to complete a job rather than giving their best. By giving your best, it shows the employer you appreciate and value your job rather than just appreciate a paycheck.

Train. Some employers will provide training to help you improve upon your current skills and also learn new ones. Take advantage of these opportunities, as it could lead to a full-time job or a promotion in the future.

Say yes! Take on new responsibilities and projects while at work. This shows initiative and interest in bettering your future and your career with the company. However, be careful not to take on too many projects at once.