Job Search

Use Multiple Sources

A good combination of resources can provide better results than using the same source day after day. There are a number of online job search sites. Register at to be matched against job postings and employers throughout the region. Explore additional sources by doing an online search for "job search sites."

Work with an Employment Agency

Working with an employment agency can increase your exposure to potential employers. Choose the agency carefully and watch out for agencies that require you to pay a fee before they place you in a job. Employment agencies offer both temporary and permanent positions. Follow up with the agency, and check in every week to ensure they keep you on the available list. If you don't contact them, they may consider you employed or unavailable.

Social Networking

Many employers use social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to announce job openings. Follow and like the companies where you would like to work. Create a profile on Linkedin, join different groups, and connect with people at prospective employer companies and your former employers. Monitor what you have on your personal social networking sites as employers often search these sites for information on potential employees.

In addition to your online social network contacts, talk with your family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, and former employers, to let them know you are looking for a job. These contacts may be able to make the connection that leads to a new career