Texas Rising Star Provider Program

The Texas Rising Star Provider program is a required program for facilities that accept childcare scholarships. The Texas Rising Star Program improves the quality of childcare by meeting specific criteria that exceeds the Minimum Standards for Childcare Regulations. 

Program Benefits

Texas Rising Star providers are eligible to receive:

  • Enhanced reimbursement rates
  • Materials and equipment
  • Child Development college course scholarships
  • Child Development conference scholarships
  • Free child development consultant
  • Free staff training

Steps to Becoming a Texas Rising Star 

The Texas Rising Star Provider program criteria include the following areas:

  • Category 1: Director and Staff Qualifications and Training
  • Category 2: Caregiver-Child Interactions
  • Category 3: Curriculum
  • Category 4: Nutrition and Indoor/Outdoor Activities
  • Category 5: Parent Education and Involvement

Providers will need to take the following steps to move ahead with the TRS program process:

  1. Complete Orientation
  2. Complete the TRS Application Interest Form on the Texas Rising Star website
  3. Complete the TRS Self-Assessment Tool
  4. Complete the TRS Application, Licensing Screening and Document Checklists
  5. Submit Application

Click here to view a diagram of the TRS certification process.

Participation Requirements 

The Texas Rising Star Program is required to accept Childcare Services. The provider must meet the following requirements:

  • has a permanent (nonexpiring) license or registration from DFPS;
  • has at least 12 months of licensing history with DFPS; and is not on:
    • corrective action with a Board pursuant to Subchapter F of this chapter;
    • a “Notice of Freeze” with the Commission pursuant to Chapter 213 of the Texas Labor Code (Enforcement of Texas Unemployment Compensation Act) or Chapter 61 of the Texas Labor Code (Payment of Wages); or
    • corrective or adverse action with DFPS; or
  • is regulated by and in good standing with the US Military.

A child care facility is not eligible to apply for TRS certification if, during the most recent 12-month DFPS licensing history, the provider had:

(1) any critical licensing deficiencies, as listed in the TRS guidelines;

(2) five or more high or medium-high licensing deficiencies, as listed in the TRS guidelines; or

(3) 10 or more total licensing deficiencies of any type.

In addition to the above requirements, the Texas Rising Star program requires the provider to be contracted with Child Care Services.

To find Texas Rising Star providers in the Northeast Texas Region, click on the links below or call (903) 794-8999 and ask to speak with a Provider Services Specialist.

List of Texas Rising Star Providers

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